Cobra RIB Adventure Series: Entertaining Clients

Entertaining clients on a RIB

Want to entertain your clients but getting bored of going to the golf course or local wine bar? Why not take things to the next level, by inviting them for an exciting day out on your RIB?

Networking with a touch of luxury 

Picture this: it’s a bright, crisp day and you’re preparing to welcome a handful of your top clients aboard your Cobra RIB. You have champagne chilling in your built-in chiller, and you’ve prepared a selection of canapes to serve when your guests arrive. 

Once everyone has a drink in their hand, you set off. To get everyone in the mood and create the perfect soundtrack, you turn the volume up on your Fusion sound system and let everyone enjoy your carefully selected playlist of feel-good music. 

You spend a glorious couple of hours gliding effortlessly through the waves, talking and laughing as you take in the beautiful views. The conversation (and bubbly) is flowing, and you enjoy this rare opportunity to socialise with your clients in a relaxed environment. This couldn’t be further from the stuffy networking events and business lunches you’re used to; this is an exciting, high-octane day of fun you and your clients will remember for a long time. 

Eventually, you moor the boat at a nearby bay and lead the group to the hidden gem of a restaurant you discovered last time you spent the day exploring the coast. You continue to swap anecdotes and get to know each other over delicious fresh seafood and cold beer. Fed, watered and fully refreshed, you and the gang then return to the boat to enjoy another hour of zipping along the shoreline. 

As you part ways later in the evening, everyone agrees that an action-packed day on the water is far better than a round of golf or a pub lunch. You smile widely as someone tells you this is the most fun they’ve had in a long time and, before you know it, there’s a date in the diary to do it again next month! 

Cobra RIBs: ready for any adventure

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