The Best RIB Boats for 2022: Favourites From our Collection

Nautique 7.2m

For the very best in RIB boat design and build, Cobra RIBs is one of the finest. We’re confident in our ability to deliver your custom RIB boat to the highest specification – whether you’re looking for a luxury yacht tender or a boat to explore coastlines around the UK and abroad.

So, if you’re looking into the best RIB boats for 2022, we’re here to tell you which Cobra RIB is your top choice for your summer on the water – and why you should be investing in it. If you would like to find out more about any of our RIB boats, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01202 612712.

Cobra RIB Range Highlights

Find out more about why we’ve singled these boats out as particular highlights for 2022 below.

1. The 9m Inboard RIB – The Best RIB Boat for Family Trips

Spacious, comfortable, and powerful

Nautique Inboard 9m

When it comes to family fun, one of the biggest factors is space – and the 9m Inboard RIB has tonnes of it. There are two layouts to choose from – the first features a dual aspect helm, which provides seating space for a group of people, while the second offers more space around the console.

Both models have a back bench which provides additional seating space while on the water. The bench can then be adapted into a picnic area once you’ve found a great place to moor up. Both layouts also offer a full length sunbed, perfect for catching rays.

In addition to seating space, the 9m Inboard RIB has been designed with no compromise to comfort and performance. As well as suspension seating, the Inboard range offers a choice of three engines, hand built external tubes, top Garmin tech, and custom upholstery, tube colours, and decking.

2. The 7.2m Nautique RIB – The Best RIB Boat for Adventures

Neat, mighty, and packed with ergonomic features

Nautique 7.2

For those looking to get out and explore, the 7.2m Nautique RIB is the perfect choice. It’s both easy to tow and simple to launch, meaning you can take it on all of your adventures around the UK and abroad.

Despite its compact size, the Nautique RIB offers up an impressive 300L fuel tank – so don’t forget to pack your water skis or wakeboard. It also offers plenty of seating options with the console, back bench and front step – the front step even turns into a sunbed with the right Cobra infills!

As with all Cobra RIBs, you can completely customise your boat – there’s a choice of three engine sizes and lots of upholstery colours to choose from. Despite being one of the smaller boats in the range, it’s mighty with tech and powerfully built to skim smoothly over the water at speed.

3. The 5.6m Patronus – The Best RIB for your Yacht Tender

Sleek, customisable, and comfortable

Patronus 5.6m

With your anchor dropped in your favourite spot in the bay, your yacht tender is there to transport you to the shore and back again. Either towed or transported on your yacht, a tender needs to be compact – but that doesn’t mean there should be a compromise on design or build.

Cobra’s Patronus range makes the perfect luxury yacht tender, with the 5.6m being the smallest size and friendliest on the pocket. With a large storage locker on the bow, Cobra’s quality comfort seats, and additional seating on the engine lid, the 5.6 is the perfect vessel to transport your party to the pub.

There are not one, not two, but five engines to choose from depending on how you wish to use your yacht tender – all of these engines have been chosen to provide the right performance for the build. Whether it’s the colour of the hull or the upholstery – your Patronus will be designed by you.

Looking for the best RIB boat for your 2022 summer?

Cobra builds three RIB models and all three of these models are available in a range of sizes, so you can pick the exact one for your requirements. Once you’ve picked the size and model of your RIB boat, you’ll be able to customise it, including the colour of your upholstery, tubing, and decking.

Don’t hesitate to discuss your dream RIB with the Cobra team. We’re happy to advise you on the best boat – and we’ll help you to design a boat that’ll get you excited each time you’re out on the water! Talk to the team on 01202 612712.