Why is Autumn the Best Time to Invest in a RIB?

rigid inflatable boat Dorset

Custom-designed RIBs from Cobra are a labour of love from our team of specialist boat builders. Crafted by hand from the hull upwards, the design, build, and quality testing of the RIB can take upwards of 14 weeks, which means if you start discussions with us now, your RIB will be ready just in time for the warmer weather next Spring.

At Cobra, we offer lots of ways for you to custom-design your RIB – from the colour of your upholstery and outer tubes to the type of engine and shape of your bow (just in case you want to make a beach landing.) Before we get to work on your RIB, we’ll create your design on our CAD software, so we can take all the time necessary to make sure your boat is perfect.

But not only is Autumn the perfect time to invest in a new RIB, it’s also the perfect time to invest in your current RIB – or, indeed, a high quality second hand Cobra RIB. You’re probably no stranger to the maintenance season, so bring your RIB into the Cobra team and we can ensure it’s spick and span in time for next summer.

And if there’s a second hand RIB that you like the look of, why not speak to our designers to see what customisations we can make to the model to make the boat personal to you? Maybe you would prefer a different style of engine or perhaps we can change the colour of the upholstery? No matter your ideas, we’ll ensure you’re 100% happy with your new boat.

Cobra will ensure your RIB is ready for Spring

Autumn really is the time to start thinking about getting your RIB ready for next Spring. Whether you’re thinking of investing in a brand new one, or looking to give your current Cobra RIB a new lease of life, the team at Cobra will make it their mission to ensure your RIB is ready to impress on the water. To speak to the Cobra team about your RIB, give us a call on 01202 612712.