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The finest craftsmanship goes into every Cobra RIB we build, for unrivalled luxury, outstanding comfort, and unbeatable performance.

Handcrafted detailing on RIB boat

Beautifully British-built RIBs

Each and every one of our bespoke RIBs is manufactured at our purpose-built facility in Dorset and hand finished down to the last stitch. We specialise in creating exceptional boats that combine style and luxury with expert handling and precision.

The Cobra brand is known for its outstanding attention to detail and we pride ourselves on a handcrafted build process that’s been perfected over 30 years. We believe that the word ‘manufacture’ doesn’t do justice to what we do at Cobra RIBs. We tailor every last detail to build beautiful boats that exceed even your wildest expectations. 

Our three ranges – the Deep V Hulled Nautique, Nautique Inboard and Patronus – can all be fully personalised to meet your exact requirements. 

Cobra Nautique

Classic designs, iconic style

Our distinctive Deep V Hulled Nautique range has stood the test of time, spanning five generations. We believe in pioneering and evolving our RIB heritage for future generations of boat lovers to enjoy and cherish. 

It’s not just the Nautique range that features outstanding hull design; all our hulls are moulded to a tolerance of 0.005% and are designed to increase deadrise while reducing energy loss. Engineered to maximise spray deflection, a Cobra RIB offers the driest ride on the market. Before leaving our factory, all of our boats go through a demanding quality control checklist.

Custom RIB boat for sale

Bespoke boating to complement your lifestyle

We will build your Cobra RIB to your exact specifications. Every detail, from the dashboard configuration to the colour of your tubes and upholstery, can be carefully chosen to suit your style. We create detailed design drawings to show how the boat will look and feel, before transferring this into CAD to be refined and tested for functionality.

All Cobra RIBs come with the option of either left or right-hand helm position, so you can take the wheel of a boat that’s been designed specifically with you in mind. You can even personalise your RIB with an array of luxurious extras, such as an enhanced sound system or built-in chiller compartment – perfect if you plan to use your boat for entertaining. A Cobra RIB is more than just a boat – it’s a statement.

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